I am posting this the night before because I am not certain where I will be tomorrow

We are blessed to have great medical insurance. Despite the hassles I have had this year making certain the deductibles were applied correctly I am so glad to have it.
Without getting into the gory details this last week could have been a major blow to our retirement plans. The next few weeks don’t look much better, but I am optimistic.
Basically I, a normally very healthy person, got rushed to er with chest pains and all the classic heart attack symptoms. No I wasn’t having a heart attack, I was having a no blood problem (long boring story). Two days in the hospital, back home, scheduled to go back this week for a 3 day to 2 week stay because of a necessary surgery and testing.
However, what I don’t have is financial worry, because we bite the bullet and pay for good medical coverage ever month. So the lesson for this week kiddos is no matter how heathy you think you are don’t skip on the medical insurance. Between my dh and myself this last year may top $200,000 in doctor/hospital bills, far more than that insurance has cost us. Peace of mind where finances are concerned makes it far easier to concentrate on getting back to better health.