My husband is a gentle man who generally just goes with the flow, but yesterday he was ANGRY

As you already know he is an electronics junky and he has been using a 10 year old laptop for his computer as we walk the walk. Over the last several months we have saved up to buy him the laptop he truly wants. Yesterday was the day. We had purposefully waited until Nov. 1st to go buy it, because we knew if it was a Black Friday item Best Buy would refund the price difference without us having to fight the crowds on Black Friday.

All went well until we went to pay for it. The first mistake was ours, we forgot there is a limit on the amount you can put on a debit card. So that was declined.

So I wrote a check, and Telecheck declined it. Now we are starting to get pissed. Our account has 3 times the price of that computer in it and they are treating us like we are criminals. Our ffef at the same bank has even more in it.

Gary called tc and was told it was because we had wrote too many checks last week. One actual check had cleared our account, and it was for less than $50 for our AZ property taxes. Too many? Who were they to tell us how many checks we could write? Gary talked to them for nearly 15 minutes, but they wouldn’t back down. They in fact told him we couldn’t write another check of any amount for 72 hours. Thus supposedly tying up all our cash as far as checks are concerned.

I checked our bank balance and it was exactly as it should be. No hacking. Needless to say we left there in a foul mood and with no computer despite them pushing hard for us to do a six months same as cash credit card. Yeah like we wanted to fall in that mine field.

Next we went to Sam’s Club to pick up milk, cat food and the all essential toilet paper. His debit card would not work! Luckily he had his gas debit card on him and he could pay the less than $60 bill with that.

To say the man didn’t sleep well last night is an understatement. Here we are cc debt free, more cash in the bank for extended periods of time than we have ever had and we are treated like criminals.

I called the bank the minute they opened this morning ready to close our 40 year old account with them since telecheck had swore it was all the bank’s doing.

Nope, not true at all, our bank has no partnership with tc, even if they did tc would have no way of knowing how many checks or debit card transactions we had done and now the bank was angry too.

The bank contacted tc to find out what was going on and was told dh never called them. The bank officer told them they knew different that we had proof of a 15 minute phone call to tc. Then tc admitted that “some how” the check had been ran through their computer system 3 times in less than 5 minutes and they had decided, despite both Gary and I being present with photo id, that because we had not written a check at BB in 10 years or so and the phone number on that old check was different than the one we gave the cashier we were criminals!

I don’t know what the bank officer said to tc at that point, but Gary will be getting the computer and an apology on his way home tonight.

On a better note, bcbs is refunding even more money to us, and extending our 2015 deductible by 31 days. Considering all the medical testing and doctor visits we are both having this is a very good thing.

On that front all our tests are coming back good.

I also came in $100 under budget for my new eye glasses that I pick up this week. Because the Fornells they put on glasses 18 months ago are working so well we decided against eye surgery until I need it for my cataracts, which shouldn’t be for a few years.